What’s My Find?

Have you ever come across that one item that you have no idea what it is or what it’s for? Welcome to the fun side of picking! We come across items on a regular basis which make us cock our heads to one side & raise an eyebrow or two. Here is the first item in…

What’s My Find?

This item is clearly a mug, possibly a shaving mug. What we don’t know is the age of the item or the maker. There’s a maker’s mark, but we haven’t been able to find any information on the age/rarity of this item or the actual name of the company who made it. Many of hours of research online came up dry. This is the toughest time we have had at finding out the maker of any item we own to date. It was a great yard sale find. Mary picked it up for 50 cents. Now I ask you, what’s my find?


We welcome you to post a comment about your unusual find, along with a link to a photo. If we can’t tell you, then maybe one of our readers might be able to assist you in the answer. Please note that I will be reviewing all emails prior to the comments posting. Please play fairly. Now let’s have some fun with the pickin’ & collectin’!

Thank you!

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